Thursday 13 April 2017

Six Pillars Broadcast for Resonance FM

Six Pillars To Persia / Commissioned work. Sound artist and composer Michel Banabila offers a mix of his own and other works especially for Six Pillars.

Featuring Michel Banabila: keys, electronics, samples & mix.

With contributions by:
Salar Asid: violin & kabak kemane (kamancheh).
Oene van Geel: violins.
Anas Maghrebi: lead vocal.
Hannibal Saad: voice / texts.
Mehmet Polat: oud.
Richard Goodman: poem in ‘What Is Open’.


“Amal”(Michel Banabila & Salar Asid – Amal / 2015) – Tapu Records.
“Here and There” (Cloud Ensemble – Cloud Ensemble / 2014) – Tapu Records.
“Salar’s Dream” (Michel Banabila – Hilarious Expedition / 2005) – Tapu Records.
“What Is Open” a poem by Richard Goodman. (Michel Banabila – Disquiet Junto 0202 Text-to-Speech-to-Free / 2016)
“Maghrebi & Banabila live in Beirut” (Anas Maghrebi & Michel Banabila / 2015) – Tapu Records.
“Fragments of Memory” (Michel Banabila – Float / 2013) – Tapu Records.
“Sinus en Snaar (Six Pillars remix) (Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel – Music for viola and electronics / 2014) – Tapu Records.
With much thanks to Marc Weidenbaum. (disquiet junto), Richard Goodman, and Hannibal Saad.

Six Pillars broadcasts on air on 104.4FM, on digital radio signal and online Wednesdays 9-9.30pm UK time. repeating the following Fridays 3.30-4pm.