Tuesday 26 January 2021

The Three Stages Of Endurance

I bought this little handmade clay flute in 1982, which means this must be the single oldest instrument that I own. It cost 5 Dutch guilders at the time (roughly 2,50 euro, I suppose). It’s certainly the only item from 1982 that I have in my entire house. I made one of my first recordings with this flute, and I still use it every now and then in combination with electronic treatments.

On one occasion the flute slipped through my fingers and fell to the floor, but surprisingly it didn’t break. Another time I had this admittedly stupid plan, which was to change the color, and an even more stupid plan, which was to use fire to do so. I figured the fire would remove the original color. It didn’t work, but it didn’t hurt it, either, fortunately. The flute still has its original color, and it is still working fine. These days I am very careful with it, and I appreciate that this little instrument is still with me.

This material originated as something I made for a project that didn’t work out. At first I wasn’t sure what, if anything, to do with it, but then I realized I like it just as it is. I decided to not add anything, and to instead simply mix these six tracks (two for each part, as this piece is basically in three parts) together into one file. That file then became this EP.

This EP is a download only.

music & artwork by Michel Banabila.
mastering by Marlon Wolterink / White Noise Studio.

a special thanks to Marc Weidenbaum.
Cat. nr. TR03012021.
2021 ℗ Tapu Records.
UPC 195497844036.