Sunday, 25 August 2019

Mix for

In Laura Not's series "Sounds Unsaid"


1. Amazonas - Naná Vasconcelos
2. Roulette - Lolina
3. /End - Terrapin
4. Armenian Song - Gurdjieff
5. From Here - Molly Berg & Stephen Vitiello
6. Got Away - Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz
7. Yalli Hawak - Asmahan
8. Anthem Of The Trinity - Terry Riley
9. Song Of The Highwire Shrimper - Tim Hecker
10. Urub - Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek
11. Chapter M (Karenina) - Thomas Fehlmann
12. So Ney - Cluster
13. Swisid Mekanize Reijman - HHY & The Macumbas

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Mix for RedLight Radio

SET LIST 04-18-2019 RedLight Radio

1. Field Rec intro
2. Feldman & Brown - Durations IV.1
3. Jan Jelinek - What You Should Know About Me
4. Oren Ambarchi and Martin Ng - Surfacing Edit
5. New Composers from St. Petersburg - Astra
6. New Composers from St. Petersburg - Something Is Happening With Me
7. Erik Honoré - Procession
8. Central African Pygmies - Bow-Harp & Vocal
9. Michel Banabila - Melodica & Bells (Red Light Radio Remix)
10. Michel Banabila - The Lost Drone Tape 3
11. Fennesz & Sparklehorse - Music Box Of Snakes
12. Alva Noto - Xerox Spiegel
13. Thurayya Qaddura - Fatakatu Lahziki (Time Wept) - mixed -
14. Jon Hassell - Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street

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Thursday, 4 April 2019



Peter Hollo: cello (1,2,3,4,5)
Alex Haas: synths & electronics (3)
Gareth Davis: bass clarinet (1,2,3,4,5)
Stijn Hüwels: guitar & electronics (3,4,5)
Oene van Geel: viola and stroh violin (1,3,5)
Gulli Gudmundsson: el. bass, double bass and ebow (1,2,3,5)
Michel Banabila: soft. instruments, sampler, electronics (1,2,3,4,5)


The Uprooted Orchestra.

“Orchestral.” The word’s an adjective, certainly, an unambiguous one. It depicts amassed instruments working in synchrony according to a fixed document prepared in advance. But what if “orchestral” were uprooted? What if “orchestral” referred to what we heard, not how it was recorded? What if “orchestral” welcomed electronic instruments not just into the pit, but into the compositional process?

For that is the sound of Michel Banabila’s Uprooted, this album of beautiful, striated, patient music — patient on the surface, deep with turmoil underfoot. When bass clarinet and harmonium rise above a misty string section halfway through “Breathe,” that’s orchestral. When woodwinds trill and pulse against piano on “Dragonfly,” that’s orchestral.

Over the years, Banabila has made his share of experimental ambient, wherein future roots cultures are foreseen through a low-tech looking glass. On Uprooted, the tech is transparent. The album has touches of Fourth World, most notably on “Collector” and "Breathe," but Uprooted is orchestral, full stop.

It’s also an album entirely forged of material sampled by Banabila from improvisations by invited musicians. Those samples were then constructed into a whole by Banabila, layered sinuously rather than triggered on a rhythmic grid. The fixed orchestral document here is the recording, and it marks the close of the composer’s efforts, not the start of the performers’.

Marc Weidenbaum.
San Francisco, March 2019.

Cat. nr. 026TR
Limited edition / 150
Design by Yasar Saka
Artwork by Gerco de Ruijter
Alex Haas courtesy of Sonicontinuum
Mastering by Marlon Wolterink / White Noise Studio
All tracks composed & produced by Michel Banabila

2019 © + ℗ Tapu Records /

Downloads: 4-9-2019. Limited edition CD: 4-16-2019.


Saturday, 23 February 2019

'And We Fall And We Murmur And We Sing'

Now on bandcamp: And We Fall And We Murmur And We Sing. (March 14th, 2019)
I collaborated on a second project with Martin Hoogeboom.
With Ulrich Langenbach, Aoki Satoru and Wodwo.

Previous collaboration with Martin Hoogeboom (January 14, 2016):

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Nan Wang - Pareidolia (IFFR 2019)

An extended noisy remix from Danube (Imprints 2018) for the new film by Nan Wang: 'Pareidolia', on IFFR 2019 (Bright Future selection)

In Pareidolia, analog abstract patterns made on 16mm film are used as source material for finding similar figurative images, interpreted by an online search engine. Hundreds of these matching images were edited into abstract film clips, resulting in an exciting visual and psychological cinematic experience.