Thursday 13 December 2018

Michel Banabila & Willem Cramer: Texture Syndicate EP

Texture Syndicate from Michel Banabila on Vimeo.

Michel Banabila & Willem Cramer first worked together in Chi (1984-1986), ( and later in East Meets West (1990-1991), ( In 1996 they collaborated with Chris Grem making a score and performing live in a dance production by Lieber Gorilla. ( This 2018 EP is their first new collaboration in 22 years. Viola sounds were contributed by Oene van Geel and violin sounds were contributed by Salar Asid. Willem Cramer is a composer & multi instrumentalist, living and working (like Banabila) in Rotterdam.

Willem Cramer: ebow guitar, bass, synthesizer & programming.
Michel Banabila: sampler, turntable & synthesizer.
Oene van Geel: viola (1 & 2).
Salar Asid: violin (2).

Composed, recorded, & produced by Michel Banabila & Willem Cramer. Artwork by Michel Banabila.
A special thanks to Marc Weidenbaum for suggesting the album title.

Mix & mastering by Willem Cramer.
This release is a download only.
2018 © Tapu Records.
Cat. Nr. 025TR.

Thursday 6 December 2018


Cok van Vuuren: electric guitar (5, 6).
Oene van Geel: viola (1, 2, 3), stroh violin (5).
Michel Banabila: turntable & sampler (1 - 7), synth (2 - 6), voice (5).

Artwork / design by Rutger Zuydervelt.
Mastering by Marlon Wolterink / White Noise Studio.
'A Sense Of Place' video by Nan Wang / NanWang Org.
Imprints promo video by Dejan Radovanovic / Ummagumma.
Recorded, composed, mixed & produced by Michel Banabila.
except track #3 composed by Michel Banabila & Oene van Geel.

Catalog nr. 024TR.
UPC 193483228464.
2018 © Tapu Records.
This album is a download only.

Nan Wang & Michel Banabila: A Sense Of Place from Michel Banabila on Vimeo.

Michel Banabila - Imprints from Michel Banabila on Vimeo.

trailer by Dejan Radovanovic.