Saturday 6 February 2021

Across The Sky

The first time Stijn Huwels and Cok van Vuuren collaborated with Michel Banabila was in April 2020. They made an extremely peaceful 12-minute track in reaction to all the stress in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to soothe some of the stress and calm you down. The track was picked up by Apple Music and added to one of their playlists, resulting in over 600.000 streams in just a few months, still increasing to this day.

'Across The Sky' is their second collaboration, maintaining a positive vibe, this time with a little more emphasis on rhythm. Droney synths and imaginative electronics are mixed with space guitars, all infused with analog elusive layers of tape echo and reverb. Complemented with artwork by Rutger Zuydervelt and beautifully mastered by Marlon Wolterink.

The third track is 'Massive', released in July 2022. All three tracks are available as download and on cassette.

Michel Banabila: keys & sampler.
Stijn Hüwels: el. guitar & field rec.
Cok van Vuuren: el. guitar.

Produced by Michel Banabila.
Mastering by Marlon Wolterink / White Noise Studio.

2021 ℗ Tapu Records.

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