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Traces, music for films & documentaries

Cinematic / World music / Film Scores / Global

Used in : "Satellite Queens' (Submarine) , 'Een aanzienlijke reserve aan beschaving' (VPRO) , 'De Stem van Tamar' (Het Waterhuis), 'Hans van Houwelingen' (Hollandsche Meesters series), 'Eiland' (Orkater), 'Alice In Wonderland (NNT), ' White Dove - Kevoka Spî (Viyan Mayi), 'One False Move' (Clara van Gool), 'Meet Me In Venice' (Eddy Terstall) , and many other productions.


released March 12, 2007.

Michel Banabila;
keys, soft. instruments, percussion, guitar, mixes.(1-12)
Salar Asid : violin. (4,6,7,8,9, & 10)
Yasar Saka : Oud & flute. (1 & 12)
Tzvetin Todorov : guitar. (8)
Age Kat : guitar. (2)
Sandhya Sanjana : vocal. (9)
Michel van Schie : fretless bass. (2)
Zenial : electronics. (7)

All tracks composed by Banabila, except 7 by Asid, Banabila & Zenial, and 9 by Banabila & Sanjana.

Recorded and produced by Banabila (2007).

Ed Buckley
The cover will tell you music for films and documentaries. What it won't tell you is how varied the textures are; nor how varied the influences. In many ways this is cinematic world music, ranging from the orchestral to the minimalist to a sort of ambient. Very well done, the hat tip this time goes to Mr. Philip Graham. :-) (bandcamp)

Philip Graham
I'm slowly making my way through the treasures of Michel Banabila's discography. This album displays his evocative music for film. And one added bonus: several tracks feature, besides guitars, electronics and fretless bass, the wonderfully expressive violin of Salar Asid. Sandhya Sanjana makes a very cool vocal appearance too. Favorite track: Bicycle Exotica. (bandcamp)

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