Saturday 6 August 2016

Forgotten Worlds: Michel Banabila & Hanyo van Oosterom

Remixed & remastered by Jurgen Brouwer.

All music composed by Hanyo van Oosterom & Michel Banabila, except
Byzantium by Van Oosterom / Banabila / Catalpinar,
Bamboo Dreamhouse
by Van Oosterom / Banabila & Derwort, and
Siyare by Van Oosterom / Banabila / Guije.
Produced by Hanyo van Oosterom aka The Flying Dutchman for DAM (Dutch Ambient Music)

Released May 15, 1997.

Hanyo van Oosterom (The Flying Dutchman / White Eagle Jones):
Drums, fretles bass, synths, strings, rhythm guitar, koto, radio voices, additional samples, spanish guitar, drones, percussion, synthesized pipes, distant vocal, loops, balafon, temple gong, brushes, organ, string piano, pot drum, pot brushes, wah wah guitar, rhodes, sampled guitar, bongo, low vocal.

Michel Banabila:
Vocal, water percussion,robot overtones, oriental strings, additional samples, percussion, wind shout, voices, starstrings, resonance scratch, piano, bells, singing bowl, slash percussion, melodica, birdsounds, vocoder, glasses, high voices, keys.

Tanar Catalpinar:
Lead vocal on track 1 & 11.

Age Kat : distant solo guitar on 1 & 11.

Jacobus Derwort : bamboo flute on track 3.

Omar Ka : lead vocal on track 5.

Cheickh Mbacke Guije : chorus & bongo on track 9.


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