Saturday 6 August 2016

Arhil: Ali Bahia El Idrissi

World music / Global

Spare and haunting, the music of Ali Bahia El Idrisi's native Morocco comes shining through on this tasty CD, along with much more. His arrangements incorporate traditional instruments like oud, ney, darbouka and shakers right alongside fretless bass and and sampled loops. The effect is rhythmic, haunting, and engaging, with passionate vocals. "Gelfou Alfou Hadami" gets its groove from bass and organ, sounding like chillout Rai or the Nubian groovitude of Ali Hassan Kuban. The title track is similarly chillin' - but by the time you reach "Dodovoiz" the electronica is turned up a notch for an enjoyable though far less organic result, one that sounds like jazzy ethnolounge as much as North African music. "Red Planet" is an alien soundscape of heavy beat and minor-key organ, sounding like a slow, foreign power-rock ballad. The CD includes clear artist credits, including the deft work of Michel Banabila on sampler and many other tools, but sadly no song notes or translations. A great, exploratory album by an artist worth watching. (Scott Allan Stevens)


Steamin' Songs Publishing.
Released June 1, 2000.
Vocals: Ali Bahia El Idrissi.
Keys, sampler, melodica, percussion, fx, guitar: Michel Banabila.
Acoustic guitar, wahwah guitar, electric guitar: Piet Legerstee.
Oud, ney flute, saz, additional recordings: Yaşar Saka.
Wahwah guitar, fretless ebow guitar: Edu Calicher.
Sentir & cracces: Mohamed Benchackchack.
Fretless ebow guitar: Erkan Oğur.
Fretless bass: Michel van Schie.
Fretless bass: Remko Deyl.
Rawanhatta: Marco Broers.
Flutes: Jacobus Derwort.
Backing vocals: Tagmet.
Bendir: Khalid Zirar.

Boudisque Recording / Steamin' Songs.
Recorded & produced at home by Michel Banabila.
Thanks for contributed additional bass clarinet sample by Frank van der Kooij.




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